Industrial Process Professions

Industrial Mechanical Maintenance Certificate

This certificate is designed for persons who want to prepare for initial or improved employment in the industry mechanical area. The curriculum provides for a student to learn the basic principles and skills which are necessary to industrial maintenance, such as drafting/blueprint reading, electricity, hydraulics and pneumatics, machine tool, mathematics and fundamentals of welding.


Process Maintenance Technician A.A.S.

This degree program is designed for persons who want to prepare for employment as industry machinery mechanic, maintenance worker or stationary engineer and boiler operator. The curriculum provides for a student to learn the skills which are necessary to industrial maintenance and gives the student to choose the track where their aptitude lies – electricity or welding.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics data indicates a +22.77% employment change within the Industrial Machinery Mechanics classification between now and 2022. This is a +2.07% annual compound growth for these positions. In addition, there will be a +1.27% annual compound growth for Machinery Maintenance Workers between now and 2022.

There is not an internship listed for this A.A.S., however every technical course listed has a lab component. During the lab hours, students will be placed on equipment and doing live, hands-on projects based on real-world tasks. During the last semester in the A.A.S., students will have the opportunity to choose either a welding or electrical track. Depending on the student’s aptitude from prior courses in the program, students will know where their strengths lie and will choose accordingly which track will best fit their skills. Students within the welding track do have an option of testing for Level 1 certification within the American Welding Society standards. Sandburg has a certified faculty member who can test the students on-site for this certification. 


Admission to the Program: Open


First-Time Enrollees

  1. Complete an application for admission and, if desired, apply for financial aid.
  2. Send an official high school transcript or GED score report to the Admissions and Records Office.
  3. Complete the placement exam.
  4. Meet with an advisor/counselor to select classes and complete the registration process.