Health Information Management Technician


This program has been discontinued.


The Health Information Management Technician is a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree that prepares students to collect, manage, and maintain health records for various medical facilities, both in paper and electronic formats. Given the increase in use of electronic health records software, as well as security and privacy practices, the graduate will be prepared to manage and use health information to serve patients by managing communication between health care facilities and insurance providers. They help to organize and manage this data to ensure its quality, accuracy, accessibility and security, using a variety of systems to maintain patient information, databases and registries, and medical and treatment histories.

Graduates will be prepared to be able to review patient records for timeliness, completeness, accuracy and appropriateness of health data; organize and maintain data for clinical databases and registries; track patient outcomes for quality assessment; use classification software to assign clinical codes for reimbursement and data analysis; follow best practices for data security; and use information to assist patients by managing communication between health care and insurance providers. The practicum experiences for the Health Information Management Technician program will be gained with physician offices and clinics in the Galesburg area such as: Galesburg Cottage Hospital, Galesburg Cottage Physician Offices, OSF St. Mary’s Medical Center and Clinics, and other surrounding community’s  agencies as needed.
Program at a Glance

  • Average starting salary: $32,300
  • Level of patient contact: Low
  • Length of the program: Two-year Associate in Applied Science Degree
  • Program location: Galesburg campus
  • Program start time: Fall
  • Employment opportunities in a variety of settings


Admission to the Program

Admission information is available at Admissions
Admission to Health Information Management Technician program is open.

  1. If you have never attended Carl Sandburg College, complete an application for general admission to the College steps to enroll and, if desired, apply for financial aid.
  2. Send an official high school transcript or equivalent and any appropriate post-secondary educational institutions transcripts to the Admission and Records Office.
  3. Complete the placement exam.
  4. Meet with an advisor to select classes and complete the registration process.
  5. The following criteria may be required of student’s upon entering the HIM 205 Practicum and all information will be explained in detail upon registering for this courses
    • Students entering the HIM 205 practicum course must attend the required orientation session and be able to perform the Health Information Management Technician Essential Skills with or without reasonable accommodations.
    • Students accepted will be required to show proof of immunizations and required titers, TB test, physical examination, criminal background check, and 10-panel drug screen. The italicized items may be required depending on practicum site’s requirements.
    • Student is responsible for all fees incurred.
    • Estimated Cost – Health Information Management Technician Degree
  6. Please note that findings on the criminal background check, physical examination and drug screen may prevent placement at the clinical sites.


Department of Health Professions
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Phone: 309.345.3500

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