Dental Hygiene Admission Requirements

Admission is competitive. Only the most qualified applicants are admitted. Applications are accepted October 1 through February 15 for review. Applicants will be notified in writing within two weeks of the admission meeting of admission status.  

Of the 30 seats available each year, spaces are reserved for Carl Sandburg College, Spoon River Community College, Black Hawk College, Southeastern Community College and Eastern Iowa Community College residents; additional at-large spaces are available to include out-of-district applicants. 


Admission Process

After the review of applications each student will be offered admission, placed on the alternate list, or denied admission. Alternates will be offered conditional admission as positions on the conditional admission list become available. All students, including those on alternate lists, are required to attend a mandatory meeting to receive program specific information and hear the discussions that take place.

Students who are admitted (including alternates) to Dental Hygiene program must pay a $100 acceptance fee when notified of initial program admission status to guarantee a place in the program. For the student fully admitted to the program, the $100 will be applied towards the first semester tuition. Students who accept their seat and drop for any reason will forfeit their money. Alternates who are not admitted will receive a refund.


Admission Requirements: (Application Deadline: February 15th)

  1. If you have never attended Carl Sandburg College, complete a general application for admission to the College
  2. Meet with the admission counselor working with prospective Dental Hygiene students.
  3. Submit official transcripts from high school and all appropriate post-secondary educational institutions.
  4. Complete the following courses with grades of “C” or better:  
    Biology - BIO 101 or its equivalency
    Chemistry - CHM 100 or its equivalency
  5. Complete the TEAS AH exam or turn in official ACT scores
  6. Complete an application for the Dental Hygiene program. Applications are available through the program advisor.


Students interested in enrolling in this program may complete as many general education courses as they wish before going through the application process. Although it is not necessary, it is recommended to complete as many of the general education courses prior to the start of the DHG coursework, due to the rigorous quality of the program. General education courses do not have to be taken at Sandburg, although course equivalency should be verified prior to enrolling in courses at other institutions. It is strongly recommended that BIO, CHM courses be completed no more than five (5) years prior to the starting date of the program. 


Special Note…State Requirement
If an applicant has been convicted of a felony, he/she should consult the laws concerning licensure in the state or states in which he/she wishes to practice. This program requires a CPR certification and Hepatitis B vaccination prior to entering dental hygiene classes. Details for this requirement are presented at the mandatory meeting.


NOTE: This program requires a CPR certification prior to entering dental hygiene classes. Details for this requirement are presented at the mandatory meeting.