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Free Resume & Interview Workshops - News Release Jan. 19, 2021

Sandburg News Release - January 19, 2021

GALESBURG — Carl Sandburg College’s Corporate & Leisure College is offering a pair of free seminars in February to assist job-seekers with resume writing and job interviews.

Resume 911: How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Resume will take place from 6-7:30 p.m. Feb. 15, and Interview Bootcamp: How to Make Them Want to Hire You will take place from 6-7:30 p.m. Feb. 22. Both sessions will be held virtually via Zoom video conference.

The sessions will be facilitated by Tracy Engstrom, Sandburg’s coordinator of career development, who also is an academy-certified resume writer and certified etiquette consultant.

The Resume 911 session will help attendees learn how to make a lasting, positive impact on a prospective employer in a short amount of time and help increase the chance of your resume getting to the top of the stack. Interview Bootcamp will go over how body language, posture, etiquette and nonverbal signals play a large role in a successful interview. Attendees will also learn how to answer difficult questions, develop interview strategies, improve their communication skills and reduce stress before a job interview.

Both Resume 911 and Interview Bootcamp are free to attend, but pre-registration is required. The deadline to register for Resume 911 is Feb. 8, and the registration deadline for Interview Bootcamp is Feb. 15.

For more information or to register, contact Sandburg’s Corporate & Leisure College at 309.341.5330 or



16-Week Google IT Support Professional Cert. - News Release Jan. 4, 2021

Sandburg News Release - January 4, 2021

GALESBURG — Carl Sandburg College’s Corporate & Leisure College is offering a noncredit Google IT support professional certificate program to prepare individuals in 16 weeks for an entry-level job in informational technology support.

Classes begin Feb. 1 and conclude May 21. Students should average 10-20 hours of study time per week. Students must enroll in all five online classes, totaling $400. An instructor will be available to assist with answering student questions. Courses are offered in partnership with GG4L, Google and Coursera.

The entire certificate will be completed through a dynamic mix of video lectures, readings, practice exercises and quizzes. Classes needed to complete the certificate are:

  • Technical Support Fundamentals
  • The Bits & Bytes of Computing Network
  • Operating Systems & You: Become a Power User
  • System Administration & IT Infrastructure Services
  • IT Security: Defense Against the Digital Dark Arts

No experience is necessary, but basic computer skills are helpful. Employment of computer support specialists is projected to grow 8 percent from 2019-29, much faster than the average for all occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The median annual wage for computer user support specialists was $52,270 in May 2019, according to BLS.

For additional information or to register, call 309.345.3501 or



Publications Featuring Corporate & Leisure College

Sandburg Magazine - March 2020

Sandburg Corporate & Leisure College Offers Learning for Enjoyment

With its selection of non-credit courses, corporate training opportunities and youth programs, Carl Sandburg College’s Corporate & Leisure College is dedicated to lifelong learning in a non-academic setting.

‘Unencumbered Fun’
NAOMI LAW, retired administrator
Naomi Law’s first Corporate & Leisure College experience was a day trip to the Illinois Holocaust Museum in Skokie.

At one point, another trip-goer, whose mother was a Holocaust survivor, turned to Law and asked, “Would you like to hear my mother’s voice?” They stood and listened together to a display that had a recording of the women’s mother describing her experiences.

“It was even more meaningful,” Law said. “It was almost like a family experience. The main thing about the trip I went on was that it’s fun, and a lot of older people haven’t had fun for a long time, and it’s unencumbered fun. You don’t have to do anything except go and enjoy yourself. It was the kind of thing that everybody should do.” 

‘I Keep Feeling Young’
SUE SPERRY, retired teacher
As a former teacher, Sue Sperry knows the value of learning — even in retirement.

Sperry has taken Corporate & Leisure classes for several years on a wide variety of topics such as genealogy, drawing, crocheting, landscaping and digital photography.

“It keeps your mind active. I keep feeling young. It’s a joy, basically,” Sperry said. “Expand your world and see. It’s amazing what’s out there.”

As soon as Sperry gets the email with what the next batch of Corporate & Leisure offerings will be, she passes it on to her friends and invites them to join her.

“I just like that there’s no pressure,” Sperry said. “It’s not like back in college or taking classes for school that you have to continue on or get a certain grade. This is just for pure enjoyment. I don’t think there are people out there who really realize what a gem this is. It’s very economical and the hours are flexible, I love learning, and this is such a safe environment. They take care of you. It’s like family here.”

‘It Opens Your Eyes Up’
IONA BOONE, landscaper and master gardener
When Iona Boone isn’t tending to her garden, you can often find her on a Corporate & Leisure day trip. Boone has traveled with Sandburg groups to places such as Janesville, Wis.; Dubuque, Iowa; Princeton; Lincoln; Bloomington; and Rockford. She views them as a great opportunity to discover new places and meet new people.

Boone said another of her favorite Corporate & Leisure experiences was the “In Your Own Backyard” offerings that included a trip to the Knox County Museum in Knoxville. “I went by that a zillion times and it never sparked my interest to go in there, but I found it very interesting and very fascinating,” Boone said. “There are points that we’re so used to seeing and we don’t really think about them, but once you investigate them a little bit more it opens your eyes up to them.” 

To learn more about opportunities through Sandburg’s Corporate & Leisure College, visit To join their mailing list, email or call 309.345.3501.

magazine cover

50 Plus News & Views - December 2019

Carl Sandburg College Offers Community Education Classes and Day Trips

Would you like the opportunity to see historical homes, fascinating museums, beautiful gardens, and a 25-room castle without leaving Illinois? It is possible when you enroll in one of Carl Sandburg College's Corporate & Leisure College day trips. As the director of our community education department, I have the opportunity to plan youth programs and non-credit classes, as well as educational day trips. Community education offers something for everyone no matter where they are in life. A young student may want to take an early look at career options through one of our summer programs. An individual may be interested in taking classes for personal growth and general interest. We offer classes in cooking, art, history, gardening, fitness, and more! the classes are short-term with no pressure to complete homework assignments or earn good grades.

If you are looking for a little adventure, I encourage you to check out our educational day trip list. We visit various attractions throughout Illinois and to nearby states. In October, we marked our 50th educational day trip since 2015. Aside from unwinding and creating memories, one of the greatest assets of community education is the wonderful group camaraderie. It is a chance to reconnect with acquaintances and build new friendships. I feel fortunate to be a part of the family atmosphere with rich conversation and shared laughter.

Our group travels have led us to Anderson Japanese Gardens, the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center, the "Field of Dreams" movie site, Havencrest Castle, the Hannibal History Museum, Epiphany Farms, Ronald Reagan's boyhood home, Pella's Tulip Festival, Brucemore Mansion, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, and many additional attractions! Our trips also include a shuttle bus service from our campus in Galesburg. Past trips ranged in price from $25 to $95.

Sandburg's Corporate & Leisure College publishes two class and day trip schedules per year. Individuals may send an email to or phone 309.345.3501 to be added to our mailing list.

For additional details, find us on Facebook by searching "Sandburg Corporate & Leisure College" or by visiting our website

Stacey Rucker is the Director of Corporate & Leisure College at Carl Sandburg College. She has been employed at Sandburg since 2011.


The Burg - October 10, 2019

Community Education Has Something for Everyone

I used to publish a weekly newspaper. Let me clarify. My handwritten newspaper contained entertainment headlines along with a smattering of home updates from a child's perspective. Did I believe my parents wanted to read a review on their home? I even had the gall to charge family member 10 cents per copy. Needless to say readership declined and my paper folded.

I like second chances! I am pleased to be joining "The Burg." In the coming weeks, I will be writing articles that highlight community events. As a lifetime resident of Galesburg, I look forward to covering annual events and discovering new ones. You never know where a path may lead and what can happen.

I feel this way in my role at Carl Sandburg College. As the director of the College's community education department, I have the opportunity to plan youth program and non-credit classes, as well as educational day trips. Community education offers something for everyone. A young student may want to take an early look at career options through one of our summer programs. Employees enroll in courses to polish work skills for their current occupation or a future one. Individuals seek us out to learn new things for personal growth and general interests. Our classes in cooking, art, history, fitness and other subjects offer a chance to learn without the pressure of homework or grades.

In addition to our classes, we take educational day trips throughout Illinois and to nearby states. This month we mark our 50th educational day trip offering since 2015. In commemoration, we are traveling to Lincoln, Illinois, on Oct. 30, for a tour of the Lincoln National Weather Service to learn about their state-of-the-art observation and forecasting. After a lunch at Cracker Barrel, we will visit Abraham Lincoln's Heritage Museum for a docent-guided tour. I encourage you to press life's pause button for a few hours of escape and relaxation. On these group adventures, you have a chance to visit unique locations you will be discussing long after you arrive home. Our travels have taken us to museums, historical homes, gardens and even a castle. Maybe happily ever after does exist! I hope to see you soon!

For a listing of classes and day trips, visit or find us on Facebook at To be added to our mailing list for the latest on classes and day trips, phone 309-345-3501 or send an email to

(Stacey Rucker is a graduate of Galesburg High School, Carl Sandburg College, and Knox College. She is the Director of Corporate & Leisure College for Carl Sandburg College and a part-time Library Assistant at the Galesburg Public Library. She is member of Sandburg's Alumni Association Board, Galesburg's Noon Rotary Club, and the Women's Issues Network).

The Register-Mail - May 18, 2019

Faye Schultz Advances Mother's Legacy

Faye Schultz advances mother’s legacy

Many of you know that my mother is Rosella (Rosie) Peters. To my delight, you still share wonderful stories of my mother with me. She passed away in May 2015 so I think of her often and especially on Mother’s Day. This article is not about her but serves as a reminder to cherish your experiences with or as a mother. Time will teach you that there are no bonds as complex, rewarding blessed, and painful as that between mother and child.

Speaking of relationships, Faye Schulz is a local woman that you should meet. Faye spends part of her retirement, from Galesburg High School, at the Purple Hanger. She is a faithful volunteer who has seen the resale shop change locations repeatedly. They are now at 169 N. Broad St. Even if you don’t need or want any more junque, the Purple Hanger is a great place to donate items or just to visit. Faye is a wife, parent, Kiwanis member, etc. She is also the devoted daughter of Irene Poll. Irene is the mother of Faye and her brother, Marc. She was born in Mannheim, Germany, and was a German Jew. Irene left a wonderful legacy to her family and to us — you and me. Even though she passed away in 2009, Irene continues to influence lives through Faye and the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Skokie.

Recently, Faye, several other folks, and I visited the Holocaust Museum. For those unsure of the meaning," Holocaust is defined as destruction or slaughter on a mass scale." It is also known as the "Shoah — a genocide during WWII in which Nazi Germany systematically murdered some six million European Jews." This was in addition to the extermination of millions of other unsuitable individuals.

There are two powerful emotions that reflect our history and project our future. They are love and hate. Both are real and powerful. Both have consequences.

The Illinois Holocaust Museum began as a reaction to hatred. A storefront facility opened in 1981. The Museum was a response to a Neo-Nazi group attempting to march through Skokie. This is a community where many Holocaust survivors settled prior to the 1980's. The march was to be a demonstration against those survivors.

With generous donations and steadfast devotion, a magnificent new structure opened on April 19, 2009.

The building and surroundings serve as an emotional and accurate monument to history. The programs focus on past and current events.

Suggested techniques to work against hatred are included. In one decade, the facility has been toured by over one million guests.

Stacey Rucker, representing Carl Sandburg College, made the arrangements for our visit. An increasing number of people are aware that Sandburg provides opportunities for participation in unique classes and entertaining, educational day trips. Call the Corporate & Leisure College at 309-345-3501 for details or send an email to to be added to their mailing list.

Our particular tour was very special because Faye and her mother’s memories were part of it. There were displays that included recordings of Irene speaking. Then, we would hear Faye saying, "That’s my mother."

In 2016, Faye’s uncle, Robert B. Kahn, published, "The Hard Road of Dreams: Remembering Not to Forget." It is an expanded autobiography that includes his memories of the horrors of the 1920's and 1930's in Germany. The book is located in the Museum's library and is also available on

Even with recent terrorist’s attacks and horrific, senseless murders, some want to think that history cannot be repeated. Our desire is to believe that there could never again be unimaginable cruelties based on race, sexual preference, religion, etc.

Holocaust museums, apartheid structures, slave shackles and owners’ whips are unconscionable but true evidence of humanity at our worst. These are behaviors that must not be repeated. This is a past to be remembered — a reality to fear — a future to prevent.

Faye Schulz has dedicated time and talents to providing an informative program about those who experienced and some who survived the Holocaust.

As you visit the Museum or listen to Faye’s presentation, you will hear the actual voice of Irene Poll.

Faye’s talk includes recordings that Irene shared with the Illinois Museum. This program proves to be an insightful perspective of an important time in history.

It is best suited for middle and high school students as well as adults. Discussion groups, churches and others will find it very educational and thought provoking. For further information contact Faye at

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day. It is still not too late to celebrate mothers and to acknowledge their legacy. Our appreciation to Faye for allowing us the privilege of honoring and remembering her mother, Irene Poll. We must not forget.

Naomi Law was born in Galesburg, graduated from ISU and U of I, Champaign, served as a school administrator in Joliet and Oak Park, Illinois, and now resides in Galesburg and volunteers in her community.

Naomi Law

The Register-Mail - April 6, 2019

Sandburg Leisure Classes, Educational Trips

Editor, Register-Mail:

I am concerned that many people in Galesburg and the surrounding areas are unaware of a true “gem” in their midst. I am talking about Carl Sandburg College Corporate and Leisure College. This college offers a wide variety of classes and day trips for the general public. Examples of topics that these classes may cover are as follows: history, sports, wine, food, fitness, computers, literature, crafts, and many more. All ages will find something that will interest them.

The classes offered are not graded. They just provide the pleasure of learning something new or refreshing an old interest. As a retiree, I find taking a class keeps your mind active as well as provides a chance to meet others who have the same interest. All classes are reasonably priced with some in this spring session as low as $5 a class.

The day trips provide fun, educational excursions.

These trips go to a variety of areas such as: Skokie, Illinois to visit the third largest Holocaust museum; Savanna, Illinois, and Clinton, Iowa, to tour historical homes; Dixon, Illinois, to tour Ronald Reagan’s home and visit the John Deere Historical Center; to name just a few. Prices for the trips vary, but are quite reasonable running from $55 to $85 this spring session.

I just hope by sharing this information that more people will become aware of the “gem” in their midst and give them the incentive to explore the classes and/or day trips that Carl Sandburg College's Corporate and Leisure College offer. You won’t regret taking part in this program.

Thank you for your time.

Sue Sperry, Alexis


Corporate & Leisure College - Community Member Testimonials


Train Station - Princeton, Illinois, Educational Day Trip November 2019

Sandburg trips are so well organized! Hosts provide a schedule that allows for some free time as well as opportunities to learn about local tourist sites and special events. -Sheryl

I thoroughly enjoy taking Carl Sandburg College Corporate & Leisure College classes. I feel that you are never too old to learn new things and the variety of classes offered by Corporate & Leisure provides me with a well rounded education that is fun and keeps me young. I highly recommend these classes for everyone!! - Sue

New sights, sounds, and experiences. Also, the chance to meet new people. -Sam & Pat


Hegeler Carus Mansion - LaSalle, Illinois, Educational Day Trip June 2018

I anticipate field trips with Carl Sandburg College just like school field trips when I was young. I enjoy learning and the camaraderie of others who are curious and a bit adventurous. -Pam

The Conditioning Combo class at Sandburg is an unknown gem...I'm not going to lie, it is tough, but it's tough in a good way. I would not make myself do most of the stuff we do in the class. I continuously feel sore after a class and that is a good thing because I am challenging my bod to work harder. One of the goals of this class is to hit every muscle group. How many of us do that? -Laurie


Anderson Japanese Gardens - Rockford, Illinois, Educational Day Trip May 2016

The day trips offered by Carl Sandburg College are very interesting. Where else can you take a trip to a museum and visit with King Tut? The Anderson Japanese Gardens were fabulous. The peaceful setting of the gardens was so inspirational. I walked away feeling my mind was at rest and my body calm. The food served at their restaurant was delicious. I plan on taking more trips through Carl Sandburg College, a jewel of a school. -Renee

Phone 309.345.3501 or send and email to to be added to our contact list for non-credit community education classes and day trips.

Educational Day Trip Destinations 2015-2019

Corporate & Leisure College Educational Day Trip Offerings 2015-2019


City Trolley Tour, Princeton, Illinois - September 2018

• Spirit of Peoria boat excursion - Peoria, Illinois

• John Deere Pavilion, Bierstube Restaurant - Moline, Illinois

• Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, Maldaner's Restaurant - Springfield, Illinois

• WQAD News 8 TV studio tour, TaxSlayer Center tour, Barley & Rye Bistro, Chocolate Manor - Moline, Illinois & Davenport, Iowa

• Putnam Museum, Machine Shed Restaurant - Davenport, Iowa

• Antique Archaeology, Buffalo Bill Museum, Mississippi River Distillery Company, Sneaky Pete's Woodfire Grille - LeClaire, Iowa

• Bishop Hill Museum, Colony Church, PL Johnson's Restaurant - Bishop Hill, Illinois

• Anderson Japanese Gardens, Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens - Rockford, Illinois

• President Grant's home, Galena Brewing Company, The Grateful Gourmet, the Popcorn Factory, Galena Canning Company, Galena's Kandy Kitchen, Cooking Demonstration with the Breakfast Diva - Galena, Illinois

• Epiphany Farms, Anju Above Restaurant, Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts tour, Ewing Manor tour, The Chocolatier, Inc. - Bloomington-Normal, Illinois


The Chocolatier, Inc., Bloomington, Illinois - October 2016

• Harvest Cafe, Lincoln Heritage Museum, Postville Courthouse, Railsplitter Covered Wagon - Lincoln, Illinois

• Underbrink's Bakery, St. Francis Church tour, Tiramisu Restaurant, Historic Home Tours, Villa Kathrine tour - Quincy, Illinois

• Festival of Lights Tour, Fired Up Pottery, Firehouse Pizza, The Spotted Cow tour - Peoria, Illinois

• Riverfront Museum: Titanic Exhibit, Kelleher's Irish Pub, Luthy Botanical Garden - Peoria, Illinois

• The Station House Restaurant, Book Club Discussion - Kewanee, Illinois

• Galesburg Radio tour, Pizza House history and lunch - Galesburg, Illinois

• Galesburg's G&M Distributors tour, Pizza Hut - Galesburg, Illinois

• Dyer-Botsford Doll Museum, Basilica of St. Francis Xavier tour, Country Junction Restaurant, Field of Dreams Movie Site, Becker Woodcarving Museum, Boji Sweet Tooth - Dyersville, Iowa

• The Cookery, Washington sites tour - Morton & Washington, Illinois

• Twin Grove Wind Farm tour, CJ's Restaurant, Funks Grove Pure Maple Syrup tour, Funk Prairie Home tour, Funk Gem & Mineral Museum - Bloomington, Illinois

• Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum Properties, Mark Twain Dinette Restaurant, Hannibal History Museum, Rockcliffe Mansion tour - Hannibal, Missouri

• Miss Effie's Country Flowers & Garden tour, Palmer College Mansion, Barrel House Restaurant, Isabel Bloom Studio - Donahue, Iowa & Davenport, Iowa

• Guided-tours of the Communal Kitchen Museum, High Amana General Store, and Homestead Village Church, lunch at Ronneburg Restaurant, browse the shops - Amana, Iowa

• House on the Rock attraction - Spring Green, Wisconsin

• Woodlawn Farm, Annabel Lee's Tea Room, tour of Illinois Governor Joseph Duncan's home, Strawn Art Gallery - Jacksonville, Illinois

• Anderson Japanese Gardens, Fresco Restaurant, Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum & Gardens, Curran's Orchard - Rockford, Illinois


Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum & Gardens, Rockford, Illinois - October 2017

• Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Museum, Mexico Lindo Restaurant, Herbert Hoover National Historic Site visit, tour West Branch's historic downtown - West Branch, Iowa

• David Davis Mansion tour, Rosie's Restaurant, Cruisin' with Lincoln on 66 Visitors Center, Carl's Ice Cream - Bloomington-Normal, Illinois

• Hauberg Estate tour, German American Heritage Center & Museum tour, 11th Street Precinct Restaurant, Wallace Garden Center, Dot's Pots, Whitey's Ice Cream - Quad Cities

• Scholte Gardens, historical village tour, browse the shops and bakeries - Pella, Iowa

• Underbrink's Bakery, St. Francis Church tour, three historic home tours, Tiramisu Restaurant - Quincy, Illinois

• Brucemore Mansion tour, NewBo City Market, Grant Wood's home tour, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

• Dubuque Arboretum, Betty Jane Candies, Convivium Urban Farmstead, Vinny Vanucchi's Restaurant, St. Luke's United Methodist Church tour, Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey - Dubuque, Iowa

• Boat excursion down the Illinois and Michigan Canal, Hegeler Carus Mansion tour, Reddick Mansion tour - LaSalle, Illinois & Ottawa, Illinois

• Princeton trolley tour, Four and Twenty Cafe, Owen Lovejoy Homestead, Myrtle's Pies - Princeton, Illinois


Myrtle's Pies, Princeton, Illinois - October 2019

• House on the Rock attraction, Vinny Vanucchi's Restaurant - Spring Green, Wisconsin

• In Your Own Backyard: tour of the Galesburg Police & Fire Departments - Galesburg, Illinois

• Lock & Dam #12 tour, Mont Rest Inn B&B tour - Bellevue, Iowa

• Putnam Museum, The Machine Shed Restaurant, Figge Art Museum, Lagomarcino's Confectionery - Davenport, Iowa

• Dana Thomas House tour, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum - Springfield, Illinois

• Festival of Trees, 11th Street Precinct Restaurant, Hauberg Estate tour - Quad Cities

• Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center - Skokie, Illinois

• Pettengill-Morron House Museum, Avanti's Restaurant, Peoria's Riverfront Museum - Peoria, Illinois

• The Rafters Restaurant, Stephenson County Historical Museum, Little Cubs Field, Lincoln-Douglas Debate site, Union Dairy - Lena, Illinois & Freeport, Illinois

• Anderson Japanese Gardens, Klehm Arboretum & Botanic Garden - Rockford, Illinois

• Havencrest Castle, Manny's Pizza, George M. Curtis Mansion - Savanna, Illinois & Clinton, Iowa

• Rotary Botanical Garden, Citrus Cafe, Lincoln-Tallman Home tour, Wisconsin Wagon Company visit, K&W Greenery - Janesville, Wisconsin


Rotary Botanical Gardens, Janesville, Wisconsin - June 2019

• Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home tour, Angelo's Pizzeria Restaurant, John Deere Historic Center - Dixon, Illinois

• Living History Farms, The Machine Shed Restaurant, Terrace Hill tour, Salisbury House & Gardens tour - Urbandale, Iowa & Des Moines, Iowa

• Her Majesty's English Tea Room, John C. Flanagan House Museum tour, Holland's Mercantile visit - Dunlap, Peoria, and Washington, Illinois

• Historic Nauvoo Visitors Center, Grandpa John's Cafe, browse the shops, Nauvoo Temple - Nauvoo, Illinois

• Train travel to Princeton: Bureau County Historical Society Museum and Library tour, browse the shops, Myrtle's Pies - Princeton, Illinois

• Library Crawl: visit local public libraries in Galesburg, Maquon, Williamsfield, and Altona. Henn House BBQ lunch.

• Lincoln National Weather Service tour, Cracker Barrel Restaurant, Lincoln Heritage Museum, Abe's Carmelcorn Shoppe - Lincoln, Illinois

• Woodland Palace tour, Bishop Hill Bakery & Eatery, author presentation - Kewanee, Illinois & Bishop Hill, Illinois

• Festival of Trees, Biaggi's Restaurant, Vrooman Mansion tour, Kightlinger Antiques & Collectibles - Bloomington, Illinois & Kickapoo, Illinois