Maker Trailer:

The Instructional Technology Committee is working to secure a “maker trailer”.   Our goal is to create a mobile classroom/lab/innovative play space to expand access to innovative technology education to our community partners.  We envision delivering pop-up education visits to schools, events and the community at large.  The trailer itself would be flexible space to encompass the delivery of a variety of technologies as well as informational events.  Computers, internet access, presentation space as well as display area would all be included.  Not only will this provide hands-on educational opportunities to our districts, but serve as a recruitment vehicle for our college programs.


Health Career Academy and Health Career Pathways

The need of qualified healthcare professionals is growing each year and predicted to continue growing over the next twenty years. In an effort to combat employment shortages in healthcare professionals, it is important at the community level to develop partnerships with all the area high schools within the Carl Sandburg College district, area healthcare employers, such as OSF St. Mary’s Medical Center and Galesburg Cottage Hospital, and the College of Nursing & Health Professions. To meet these needs, research is ongoing and new courses are being developed along with revised health career curriculums to align with pathways to certificates of completion, certifications, and program certificates for entry level into the healthcare system. And, pathways to enter health programs offering Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees such as Nursing, Radiology, and Paramedic.

The goal is to continue to build these partnerships and find ways to “home grow” the future of healthcare workforce for the Carl Sandburg College district. The Health Career Academy program would be offered on campus during summer term for junior and senior high school students offering courses such as Introduction to Health Professions, Medical Terminology, Certified Nurse Assistant, Pharmacology for Health Professionals, Nutrition, The Human Body in Health & Illness, Anatomy & Physiology for Health Professionals, etc. This 8-week program is an excellent starting point to explore health career possibilities, gain a unique college experience, choose a health career pathway, and achieve college credit to jump start their college career.