The fixer upper series -



Flipping & Remodeling Your Course

Tuesday, May 23/Friday, August 4

Demo Day

 9:00a Phase 1: OER Design Concepts with Ryan Cumpton, College of Lake County

10:00a Phase 2: What are we looking for?

  • Round Table discussions to produce a checklist of "must haves" (best practices)
    • What are students looking for in a course?
    • What things work and should stay?
    • What things are old and need demoed?
    • How do we break down communication walls?

11:00a Property Assessments

Each property will share and together come up with a final list of "must haves"


12:00p Lunch


12:30p Phase 3: Property Visits Prequel 

Skype for Business Best Practices and using the Robot.

 1:00p Phase 4: Property Visits

  • Mirror a classroom experience using different technologies.
  • Each person will experience the technologies as a student and a teacher.
  • Regroup after visits to discuss experience and produce best practices for teaching and learning in technology enhanced distance courses.

 3:00p Cupcake Break

 3:15p New Tools Showcase

  • Yammer - Stewart Ferrell
  • H5P Plugin for Moodle

 3:45p fixer upper give-away of the day


Wednesday, May 24/Saturday, August 5

Construction & Reveal

 9:00a Phase 5: Construction and Inspections

Rework your course(s) and make sure they are ADA and course standards are up to code by incorporating "must haves" from previous day sessions.

12:00p Lunch

12:30p Property Appraisals.

Peer review of your remodeled course. Peer pairings will be determined by using auto groups in Moodle.

 1:30p Property Appraiser Reports

 2:00p THE BIG REVEAL - It's a surprise

 2:30p Virutal Reality Demo

 3:30p Oh look, if there's some extra money in the budget. What upgrades would you like?

 3:45p fixer upper give-away of the day