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International Classes
Are you interested in learning another language for fun or for transfer credit? What about taking an international studies course? Elementary, intermediate and professional Spanish,  and Introduction to International Studies classes are now being offered at Sandburg. Through a Title VI grant, Sandburg will also offer Portuguese in 2015, Arabic 2015-2016, and Chinese 2016-2017. Check out the College’s course schedule for more information on meeting days and times for these classes as well as Learning Communities combining these courses with trips such as Spanish/Non-Western Music/ Ecuador Cultural Trip, Spanish/Nursing/Costa Rica Cultural Trip and International Studies/European Cultural Trip.


Study Abroad

Carl Sandburg College offers semester study abroad opportunities to Austria, China, England, Ireland and Spain and summer study abroad opportunities to Austria, Costa Rica, Cuba, England, India, France and Spain. Through a Title VI grant, Sandburg will also offer study abroad to Brazil summer 2015, Morocco summer 2016 and Taiwan summer 2017.  For eligibility requirements and application deadlines visit the College’s study abroad web page.


Cultural Trips
The College offers one-week Cultural Trips to various countries.  These faculty-led trips introduce students to culture and everyday life abroad.  Cultural Trips give students an opportunity to practice another language, taste international cuisine, explore diverse flora and fauna, enjoy local art and music, visit museums and historical sites, serve local communities and much more.  Typically these trips are attached to a Learning Community of two or more classes, which allows students to apply classroom knowledge first-hand in the travel destination. Sites may include Ecuador, Costa Rica, England, Austria, Germany, Spain or other locations selected by the faculty coordinating the trip.
View a video on our trips.


Professional Development Abroad
Carl Sandburg College offers a Two-Week Professional Exchange for faculty and administrators to China, Finland and the Netherlands. In addition, Sandburg faculty are welcome to apply for summer Assistant Director positions in Costa Rica and semester Visiting Faculty positions in Austria, China, England, Ireland and Spain. Those interested in participating should contact Shanon Dickerson for eligibility requirements and application deadlines.


Culture Club
The purpose of the club is to promote diversity and explore other cultures by providing informational programs and hosting international activities on campus. Such activities may include the promotion of international holidays around the world, an international film night, an international cooking lesson, an international fashion show or poetry reading, or other activities decided upon by the club members. The club meets on an as needed basis. Please contact Shanon Dickerson for future club meeting dates and times.


studentsInternational Education Week
International Education Week is celebrated during the third week of November. The purpose of International Education Week is to celebrate various cultures around the world, international education, and international exchanges for both faculty and students. Past events have included free international food, information tables (Study Abroad, Spanish classes, Culture Club, etc.), speakers, cultural activities, international displays, “Pack the Place” at El Rancherito, and raffles. Please contact James Hutchings if you would like to participate in this year’s event.


If you are interested in any of these opportunities please contact the Sandburg International Advisor, James Hutchings, as she would love to help you get involved in International Programs at Carl Sandburg College:


James Hutchings
International Advisor