Employability Skills Academy

Employability Skills Academy

Any student completing an Associate of Applied Science degree is required to complete 16 hours of the Employability Skills Academy throughout their academic career. Assessments will be given throughout the academy to place emphasis on the understanding of the material presented. Pre-registration is necessary before attending each seminar. Students not enrolled in an Associate of Applied Science program of study are invited to attend the academy.

Goals of the academy:

  • Provide learning experiences that may effectively improve the success rate in gaining and retaining employment
  • To communicate to prospective employers that Carl Sandburg College has graduates who have demonstrated the ability to meet workplace expectations
  • Provide training and assessments to establish and promote an individual’s impact in the workplace
  • To issue a certificate of completion to all students successfully completing the Employability Skills Academy
  • Build employable resumes, cover letters and develop successful interview techniques

Meet the latest graduates of the Academy:

Cosmetology - Class of 2015

Dental Hygiene - Class of 2015

Cosmetology - Class of 2014