Derek Foley

Derek Foley
Cross Country
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GALESBURG – Sometimes finding the right college for you doesn't happen right away.


“I went to Monmouth College last year and decided it wasn’t for me,” Derek Foley said of his first college experience.


So what did Derek do? He transferred to Carl Sandburg College.


At age 19, Foley came to Sandburg from the tiny town of Galva, located in Henry County, about a half hour from Galesburg.


“Cross country is actually what brought me to Sandburg,” Derek said. “I’m going to school for business. It’s the one thing that interested me in school.”


When Derek isn’t studying for class or driving to and from Galva, he’s running for the Chargers' cross country team.


“It’s an hour and a half of practice,” said Derek. “We just run.”


What’s his secret?


“I’m just good at it, I guess,” said Foley, who qualified for the NJCAA national meet in the fall. “I did quite a few sports when I was in high school. During my freshman and sophomore years I did basketball, football and baseball; after that I did track and country. I was better at those.”


Derek won’t be driving much longer though, hopefully. His time here at Sandburg will be up when he graduates in the spring of 2013.


“I plan on transferring to Western or Illinois State University,” he said. “After that, I’m not sure – I can’t decide on where to live. I kind of want to stay, but I kind of want to leave.”


Derek’s advice for future Sandburg students has the ring of what many here have said.


“Read your books,” he said, “If you don’t read the assignments you won’t learn anything."