Caitlyn Godfrey

Caitlin Godfrey
Dental Hygiene
Class Year: 

by Tag Hartman

Caitlyn Godfrey, a Carl Sandburg College volleyball player in her second year at the school, has been playing the sport for over seven years now.
“When I was in sixth grade they had try-outs,” Caitlyn said, “and I originally wasn’t even going to try out for it.  My coach told me I was tall enough, though, so I gave it a shot.”
Caitlyn enjoys the competitiveness of the sport, remarking how enjoyable it makes playing. She said volleyball is what brought her to Sandburg in the first place.
Academically, she plans on pursuing a degree in dental hygiene after her two years here, although she notes that plans can sometimes change.
“I wanted to go into health, but not nursing. I thought dental hygiene sounded intriguing.  And I suppose it pays well,” she laughed. “I might pursue the program here after my two years are up, or it might be at ICC.”
Caitlyn is from Princeville, a small town near Peoria.
“If I don’t end up doing that,” she mentioned, “I’ll probably go on and play at a four-year university.”
Although she isn’t sure of where she’d like to go in that case, Godfrey did note an interest in playing at University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS), where Sandburg graduate Sara Baker transferred to play last year.
Caitlyn is involved in the TRIO program, which provides guidance to students seeking to transfer to a four-year university. Aside from this, however, she admits that Volleyball tends to eat up a lot of her time.
“I’m taking anatomy and physiology,” she said, “which also takes up a lot of time with studying.” Aside from that class, she’s also taking classes in drama, music, and psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her teammates outside of school – an important aspect of her experience here at Sandburg.
“I think we have a great volleyball program,” Caitlyn said. “It gives you an opportunity to meet a lot of new people when you play. Our team even hangs out with other teams. It’s nice, when you’re walking down the halls at school, to know the people you see.”
Caitlyn feels that sports programs can help socialize new students into Sandburg, but she also cautions against the trappings of ignoring the reason why most of them are attending school in the first place.
“Do not procrastinate,” she warned, “it will get you. You should enjoy your time here, but don’t forget to do your homework!”