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Practical Nursing Curriculum

Practical Nursing Curriculum

Course Number
Summer Session
Sem. Hrs.
*NUA 100 Basic Nurse Assistant Training 7.5
ENG 101 Freshman Composition 1 3
Session Total 10.5
Prerequisite: Admission to the Practical Nursing Program. Placement on the Illinois Health Care Worker Registry as a CNA in good standing by the end of the fall semester is required.
Fall Semester
NUP 105 Introduction to Practical Nursing
PSY 101 General Psychology 1
*BIO 111 Anatomy & Physiology Fundamentals
Semester Total
Spring Semester
NUP 125
Nursing Care of Individuals with Health Problems
PSY 265
Developmental Psychology
NUT 110
Nutrition 3
Semester Total
Pre-Summer / Summer Sessions
NUP 130
Transitional Issues
Session Total
Total Program Requirement

Note: Students enrolled in the Practical Nursing Program must complete NUA 100, BIO 111 (or BIO 211 & 212) and all NUP courses in sequence with a grade of C or better in order to register for subsequent courses and continue in the program. All co-requisites courses listed in the program curriculum must be completed with a C or better to graduate.

*Notice to PN students who plan to apply for admission to 2nd year ADN program: In place of BIO 111 you may consider enrolling in BIO 211 and BIO 212. (BIO 211 and BIO 212 are required for admission to the Associate Degree Program).

*Course Descriptions can be accessed at: Course Catalog