What can you do with a Accounting or Business degree?
Business and Accounting degrees are probably the most versatile degrees earned. All companies need business majors and accountants to run successfully.


Accountants not only keep track of revenue and expenditures, but they also do financial analysis to help identify trends that may have an impact on their company.


Business majors possess a skill set that allow them to be employable in a wide variety of fields. Whether it be marketing, sales, advertising, or human resource management, all companies need business majors.


Careers And Salary
There is such a wide variety of fields that business and accounting majors can purse that it is difficult to address each one to any extent within this informational brochure. Areas you may want to research are Management Occupations, Business and Financial Operations, Sales, Financial Analysis, Business Administration, and Public Relations.


Wage Estimates are for Illinois and were based on metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas.


Position Mean Annual
Management Occupations $100,510
Advertising and Promotions Managers $74,050
Marketing Managers $113,220
Sales Managers $105,910
Purchasing Managers $84,290
Wholesale and Retail Buyers $55,080
Management Analysts $86,650
Accountants and Auditors $70,970
Tax examiners and Revenue Agents $68,810


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